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Personal Income Taxes

Anyone with income needs to file a tax return with the Federal and State taxing authorities.

Whether you are an individual needing a single 1040 or someone filing in all 50 states, you’ll find the expertise you need right here because our tax services are much more than just a completed return.

Some of the more common services we provide to individuals are:

  • Educational Planning Tax Strategies
  • Estate and Trust Tax Planning
  • Federal Filings
  • Gift-tax Returns
  • International Filings
  • Multi-State Filings
  • Retirement Implications
  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Tax Agency Representation

In all cases, advance planning provides you with the greatest amount of time to minimize your overall income tax liability.

When or why might I need individual tax services?

If you are concerned that you might be paying too much to the taxing authorities, you are the perfect candidate for our individual tax services. In most cases, we offer an initial consultation at no charge to assess your ability to save taxes, either through retroactive filing and/or better future structuring.

What is the process?

Our process depends on your specific situation. In all cases, we utilize the most advantageous techniques available to reduce or minimize tax, compliance efforts and tax liabilities, while meeting all legal requirements.