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Business Valuation & Litigation Support Services

How much is your house worth? What about your investment portfolio? These questions can be easily answered by a phone call to a real estate appraiser or stockbroker. But what about that business you are looking to buy or sell? Do you know what it’s worth? Who do you call?

Call Rives & Associates. We have the expertise to assist you in determining the value of your company. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, gift or to determine the value for estate or divorce purposes, we have the expertise to value your business.

Rives & Associates can also provide litigation support services to you and your attorney when financial matters are a central part of your case. Our firm is consulted during divorces, shareholder disputes, estate plans and other circumstances when you need a financial expert to testify or provide support to your legal process.

John E. Parsley, CPA, CVA and Charlene Controne, CVA Candidate spearheads the firm’s business valuation and litigation support practice areas. If you would like to learn more about the valuation process and how they can assist you, please give them a call.