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It’s Time To Spring Clean!

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Window washing, carpet cleaning, garden grooming—these are all popular spring cleaning chores for homeowners. However, with year-end and tax season behind you, this time of year is also perfect for spring cleaning at the office. These tips will help you and your staff get—and keep—that “just cleaned my office” feeling:

Start with a clean sweep of your desk. Take an hour or two and ruthlessly cut the clutter by emptying all of your desk drawers, sorting out only what you need, and shredding or recycling the rest of your papers.

Knock-out the knick-knacks. If your desk “mementos” are covered with dust and rarely given a glance, you know what to do: take them home or, if appropriate, donate them to a charity.

Digitize your documents. If you haven’t already, move your files to cloud storage. Make a list of the documents you need to store or access on a regular basis, then evaluate your cloud-based file storage options to see which platform will best suit your needs.

Corral your online credentials. LastPass and other online password-saving applications can save you time, while also eliminating the need to keep sticky notes and paper lists of passwords on your desk.

Declutter your desk daily. Once you have invested the time to spring clean your desk and office, spend a minute or two at the end of each day to do a quick tidy up in order to preserve your pristine work area.

Spring cleaning your office is not just a feel-good activity. Studies have shown that a neat and orderly office space leads to improved productivity and efficiency, which means you may be able to leave the office a few minutes early to enjoy warmer weather or to continue your cleaning spree at home.

Intro to IMR/AVR Webinar

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We’ve performed services for more than 300 insurance companies, and this week we want to share some free tips exclusively with you. This Friday at 10 am, we will be hosting an Introduction to IMR/AVR webinar. Topics covered during the webinar will include overview analysis, similarities, differences, and components thereof.

Click here to register

Treats to Shine Light at the End of the “Tax Season Tunnel”

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With just a few weeks to go until Tax Day on April 18th, it’s time to make sure that you’re on track to get your individual return filed.

If you haven’t already engaged our firm to help you with your taxes and you need assistance, don’t delay…it’s time to let us know!

While tax season can be stressful, Tax Day itself can be quite rewarding if you consider some of the Tax Day freebies that are available across the country. For example, according to the website DealsPlus.com—Kona Ice, Great American Cookie, Boston Market, Target and many other businesses are offering discounts or free items to help ease the pain associated with paying taxes.

If you need a little light at the end of the proverbial “tax season tunnel” as April 18th approaches, keep these Tax Day treats in mind. You may want to check your local area for other free or discounted goodies available that day, too.

Dale Carpenter, CPA joins the Lexington Office

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We are excited to welcome Dale Carpenter, CPA to the Lexington Office!

Dale holds the Certified Public Accountant license in 3 states – North Carolina, West Virginia, and Alabama. He joins Rives as a senior tax manager and serves a wide variety of individual, partnership, corporate, not-for-profit, and fiduciary clients.

His tax practice extends beyond the traditional tax compliance work, and includes tax planning, consulting and advisory services. His experience includes closely held businesses as well as a variety of specific client industries including healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, construction, trucking, and consumer products in wholesale and retail sales. With over 33 years of experience in public accounting, his accumulated experience allows him to provide his clients with a broad range of technical skills to address issues in taxation ranging from strategic tax planning to diverse tax compliance. Dale also has experience auditing, reviewing and compiling financial statements.

Dale will be a great addition to our growing firm!

Stand Up for a Healthier Life

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Do You Sit All Day? Take a Stand Against a Sedentary Lifestyle

The average American sits a lot. Many of us sit while we work, while we relax and while we learn. Over the long term, this sedentary way of life can have a negative impact on our health, increasing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer—in addition to shortening life spans. To counteract these negative effects, it’s important to get up, get active and get moving!
Even if you engage in a formal exercise program, it’s usually not enough to reverse the negative health effects of sitting most of the day, but it is a big step in the right direction. If your physician clears you to exercise, try doing a daily workout or at least exercise as often as you can throughout the week. Then use these tips to incorporate more movement throughout your day:

• Set a timer to get up every 30 minutes and stand, walk or stretch.
• If you sit at a desk, try a standing desk.
• Swap out your chair for an exercise ball to engage your muscles.
• Use part or all of your lunch break to take a walk.
• Walk places that are within a reasonable distance instead of sitting in a car.
• Use the stairs; they require extra effort, which helps to improve your health.
• Instead of fast forwarding through commercials when you watch your shows, use this time to take a break from sitting.

Taking a stand against excessive sitting may take a little bit of effort, but it will add years to your life and make you feel more energized while improving your health.

Micro-Captives: Filing Requirements of IRS Notice 2016-66

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You may or may not know that a recently issued notice (IRS 2016-66) designated most Micro (831b) Micro Captive Insurance Companies as a “Transactions of Interest”.

This notice will have SIGNIFICANT effects on the reporting requirements for those involved.

As a result, we’re co-hosting a webinar this Thursday, March 9th @ 2PM with our friends from Montpelier Advisors, LLC
to discuss:

• Who must file IRS Form 8886
• Filing dates and deadlines
• Required information
• Step by step completion instructions
• Frequently asked questions & more…

You can register for the webinar at the link below…

click here to register

Hope you can make it!

Avoid March Madness—Why You Should File Your Taxes

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Avoid March Madness—Why You Should File Your Taxes

Now For sports fans, this time of year is an exciting one. First the Super Bowl, and then the buildup toward the NCAA March Madness tournament. While tax season isn’t quite as exciting as these events, you’ll still want to make the effort to get ahead of the game—and the April 18 deadline— to score the benefits of early filing.

Avoiding identity theft.
Filing your tax return early helps you sidestep criminals who want to steal your sensitive information. With identity theft related to tax returns on the rise, this is an important early filing benefit. Once your return is filed with the IRS, your social security number is locked, preventing it from being used again by someone other than yourself.

Dialing down stress.
One obvious benefit of early completion is crossing it off your to-do list and avoiding the prolonged anxiety that comes with the approaching tax deadline. Beat the “March Madness” and “April Angst” of last-minute tax filing for your business and individual taxes by having us file them for you now.

Expediting any potential refunds.
If a tax refund is in your future, the earlier you file your taxes, the sooner you will see your refund check. Keep in mind, the IRS reports some delays are expected this year for filers claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit.

Maximizing all deductions.
Filing early allows us to have the time required to prepare your return and research all the tax deductions you may be entitled to. Starting the return process earlier gives you more time to gather your supporting paperwork and get any additional documentation you may need to claim a deduction.

Having time to pay outstanding tax bills.
If you owe taxes, filing early gives you time to save for payment if needed. It also removes the last-minute element of surprise—you’ll know exactly where you stand with the IRS.

Ready to tackle your taxes and take advantage of these early-filing benefits? Start uploading your tax documents to your portal today, or contact our office for assistance.

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